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New Series: All About Compression

All About Compression For the next month or so the topic of discussion will be compression. Compression is one of those topics that is both common knowledge in that most everyone has heard of it; yet at the same time it’s a topic that many seem to not fully understand. As a producer you know you should be using compression, but why, when and how? In essence: what are the core concepts of com
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Adding Analog Warmth to Software Sounds – Part 1

It’s a debate that we’re all familiar with: which sounds better; analog- or software-generated sounds? You have those who swear by analog, and still others who say software sounds just as good, if not better with today’s advancements. Then you have those seemingly wise ones who make the point that if your productions sound good, does it really matter which you use?
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Creating Percussive and Atmospheric Top Layers in Logic Pro X

When it comes to using audio loops in your productions, there’s usually two main camps, those for using them and those adamantly against using them. I want to share with you an idea that I actually had back when Logic Pro X first came out and introduced us to Drummer Tracks, and that idea is this; using the built-in utilities in Logic Pro X to create your own Top Layers.
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What’s New in Logic Pro X Version 10.1

Apple has released the first major update to Logic Pro X. Version 10.1 brings new features, enhancements, stability improvements, and a lot more. In this ten-part video series, I’ll take you through the most notable changes to this amazing music production platform.
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What’s New in Logic Pro X 10.1 – Region-based Automation

The Main Window has been enhanced with a number of new and requested features. One of these that is sure to be welcomed with open arms is automation can now be on a region level.
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What’s New in Logic Pro X 10.1 – Piano Roll Improvements

If you produce electronic music like I do, the Piano Roll is where you spend most of your time sequencing drums and virtual instruments. New in Logic Pro X version 10.1 are a handful of improvements that are going to make using the Piano Roll even better.
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